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Monday, May 10, 2010

IBU, engkaulah RATU hatiku~

mother's day is everyday..
do tell ur mother that u love her everyday..

for my mum,

u laugh wit me when im happy,

wipe my tears when im sad,

hold me up when im down,

lend me money when im broke,

buy me things that i wish

and the best, never stop giving me ur love~

im blessed wit ur love!!

a small token of appreciation from us,
nothing actually to compare for the sacrifice that u made,
to raise us from zero to hero,
and for that,

we wanna thank you,
our always beloved mum..

love u mum!!

from US to U~~


Anonymous said...

bertuah Pn Norasikin
dpt hadiah hot u ols!

lady elle said...

hahaha~ hot present for hot mama~ keke